The Benefits of Day Programs for Adults with Dementia


Dementia affects every individual differently, therefore every family who has a loved one with dementia is affected differently. General health, personality, and social situations are all factors in determining the impact of dementia. Along with memory loss, another detrimental symptom is difficulty managing practical tasks that used to be familiar. This means that people with dementia might inevitably need a considerable amount of care from family members.

Even the most dedicated caregivers need a moment to focus on their own mental and physical health, run errands, and participate in their own daily activities – this freedom is what an Adult Day Program can provide. The program provides the stimulation and socialization that are important to the cognitive health of someone with dementia.

What is an Adult Day Program?


It can be challenging caring for someone with dementia at home 24/7. Adult day programs are a great way to give yourself a bit of a break. Programs like the one at Catholic Care Center can provide them with a safe environment to participate in activities with others and can be customized to your needs and the needs of your loved one.

Our adult day program offers:

  • Half or full-day accommodation
  • Wellness focused activities
  • Meals provided
  • Rest areas
  • Assisted shower
  • Nursing team 24/7
  • Overnight respite options based on availability

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The Benefits of an Adult Day Program

Adult day programs offer a welcoming environment, a variety of services, and trained staff to make caregivers feel at ease. Here are some of the services that benefit your loved one when you enroll them in an adult day program.

1. Counseling

Counseling is normally offered to both the person with dementia and their families. Experienced professionals can give you advice on the everyday challenges associated with dementia and real-life struggles you may be dealing with. They will also offer practical solutions for difficulties you may be having and extra resources for support at home.

2. Health Services

You will need to make sure the facility is aware of any underlying medical conditions and if they need to administer medication. The center you choose should have a knowledgeable and caring staff that is well equipped to give insulin shots, give daily prescriptions to help improve functionality, etc. A lot of programs also offer things like minor check-ups, blood pressure checks, and eye exams. The team at the care center should also be able to recognize and respond to more dangerous medical situations.

3. Nutrition

Many centers provide nutritional advice and their staff is fully trained to accommodate dietary requirements of seniors with certain health conditions. Part of any great adult day program is ensuring that your loved one receives delicious and nutritious meals while they are at the center.

4. Personal Care

Adults with dementia often need help in the bathroom or suffer from incontinence. Professionals at the center should be trained to deal with these issues discreetly and with kindness. They’ll also be able to help out with things like bathing and dressing, if needed.

5. Activities

Fun and creative activities that help promote physical and mental health are offered daily as part of the program. Seniors can take part in a range of stimulating activities such as arts and craft classes, music classes, fitness activities, and groups that play games.

Long-term Benefits

Adult day programs are becoming increasingly popular because they provide seniors who are not ready to move into assisted living and prefer to live at home meaningful social interaction and cognitive stimulation in a safe place.

Engaging in mentally stimulating activities, eating nutritious meals, and getting regular physical activity can slow the progression of dementia and reduce cognitive decline.

The most important thing is that Dementia Daycare gives you flexibility. You get to choose how long to enroll someone for and which days you would like for them to be at the center. You will receive a tailored care program from qualified professionals along with the support you need.

Caregiver’s Peace of Mind

The relief from the stress of trying to juggle responsibilities is often the biggest benefit for caregivers. Caring for a loved one with dementia, while dealing with work and other obligations is tough. If you choose to enroll your loved one in our adult day program, you’ll be able to leave them in trusted hands while you take some time for yourself. Caring for someone with dementia is an act of love, but it’s important to remember to focus on your own wellbeing from time to time.

Why Choose Catholic Care Center?

The nationally recognized adult day program at our organization offers many activities and services to seniors with dementia. The expertly crafted wellness program ranges from intergenerational enrichment programs to daily outings and trips. The center has nurses who are qualified to work with dementia patients and understand the specific care that these patients require.