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According to the US HHS, about 70% of persons over 65 will require long-term care at some point in their lives. According to the CDC, cognitive impairment disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia affect 50% of all residents in long-term care institutions.

The high number of seniors with Alzheimer’s and dementia in long-term care facilities may be caused by the difficulty of managing the disease. When an elderly person begins to show signs of Alzheimer’s or dementia, many families understand that memory care is in their loved one’s best interests.

For some seniors, continuing to live at home without expert care can become harmful and dangerous due to the symptoms that come with memory loss. Catholic Care Center’s Memory Care Community offers a secure environment for the elderly suffering from memory loss.

Our Alzheimer’s care facilities and Memory Care Programs are designed to accommodate older persons with progressive cognitive diseases and are staffed by some of the best Memory Care experts. Our staff is specially trained to give personalized care to Alzheimer’s and dementia patients.


What is Memory Care?

A memory care center is an assisted living facility that is specially intended to fulfill the requirements of people with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. Residents in our dementia care facilities have a good quality of life while also taking extra precautions to guarantee their safety. Security measures are in place to keep residents from wandering. Some units may be locked so that no one may leave or enter without close supervision.

We offer a range of delightful activities that are known to be very good for persons living with cognitive changes. Visits from therapy pets, musical entertainment, or the opportunity to spend time in the gardens.

What are the Benefits of Memory Care?

Seniors living at our Dementia and Alzheimer’s care center can benefit from our Memory Care services. This includes cognitive stimulation, emergency monitoring, and support from highly skilled professionals. Other advantages include enhanced quality of life, less medication use, and better medical care for other health conditions.

Virtual Tours

Take A Virtual Tour Of Memory Care Unit and Facility In Wichita. View It’s Themed Neighborhoods, Spacious Common Area, Family Gathering Area, Beauty/Barber Shop, Outdoor Resident Patio & More!

Take A Virtual Tour Of Memory Care Unit and Facility In Wichita. View It’s Cozy Neighborhood Dining, Spacious Common Area, Family Gathering Area, Beauty/Barber Shop, Outdoor Resident Patio & More!

  • The best I could ever have hoped for my husband while living with Parkinson’s dementia. Very best caring, caregivers!

    - Jackie W.M.

  • The most wonderful place!!! Our mother was there almost 10 years and I have referred many to Catholic Care.

    - Janice M.

  • My wife had excellent care there, the staff was my family. Such dignity for Linda when she left us. Thank you, I will never forget.

    - John H.

  • Both of my parents received loving care here in the last years of their lives, my father with Alzheimer’s and my mother with dementia. We are fortunate to have the Catholic Care Center in the Wichita area.

    - Gary J.

  • They are wonderful!

    - Tom M.

  • Staff/nurses went above and beyond to celebrate my mom’s birthday through quarantine. Debra also made sure that we as family felt included, can’t thank them enough!

    - Susan I.

  • I give them 10 stars, I was there at one point and they are the best!

    - Shawn B.

  • We are blessed to live here.

    - Barbara F.