Tabula Rasa

A clean slate. A fresh start. This is what we hope and long for after a long 15 or so months. Luckily, with winter over and the summer now showing itself in its full force, we can finally go and get some fresh air. Go outside and hang out with family. If we get up early enough we can even catch the beauty of a sunrise. There is something about the sunlight hitting you that rejuvenates you. Makes you feel whole again.

One of the beauties of a sunrise is that just before you see the sun you begin to see its light shining over the land. All the darkness that hid so much from us slowly starts to slip away, until everything comes into view. It is no wonder that our faith keeps turning us back towards the light. Our faith has a way of getting rid of the past darkness, freeing us from it, so that we can continue our journey forward as stewards for the day ahead of us.

This is what I think of when I pray over the last year as I have a simple conversation with Jesus. I remember that prayer is the language of hope—where we reach out and have a one-on-one with our God who has been waiting for us all along. He is inviting us into something more beautiful than we could have ever wished for, an intimate relationship with Him. He is inviting us to look beyond our past and look toward His future, His life and His light. A clean slate and a fresh start.

I believe we need that now more than ever. It seems we have started making it through the brunt of the isolations and the quarantines with Him always at our side. Maybe these past months have opened our eyes even wider to our need of Him. Maybe that is the good we were supposed to see through this pandemic. In the words of C.S Lewis, “There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” This causes our hearts to cry out all the louder…Jesus, We Trust In You.

– Fr. Chris