8 Great Gifts for Parkinson’s Patients


April is Parkinson’s Awareness Month and now is a great time to let the loved one or friend in your life that has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s know that you care.

The effects of Parkinson’s can cause issues with dexterity, mobility, sensory receptors, and more. It can be challenging to buy a gift for those with the condition because of how it affects the body’s functionality but we have put together a list of gifts for Parkinson’s patients that will help you choose something great!

1. Audiobooks/Audible Subscription

If you have a lover of literature on your list, then this gift is perfect! Books are obviously a great way to pass the time but those with moderate to severe tremors may have trouble holding the book steady so they can focus on the page.

Audiobooks can also provide comfort to those who are suffering from anxiety. Hearing a relaxing voice reading the story can soothe and provide a sense of companionship.

You can buy individual audiobooks and send them as gifts or purchase a subscription from Audible for around $15 per month for those who are truly avid readers.

2. Smart Speaker

A smart speaker is a gift that pretty much anyone will enjoy but those with Parkinson’s especially benefit from being able to control the device using only their voice.

With the disease often comes muscle stiffness and poor balance meaning that getting up to do things like pause a book or song can be difficult and painful. Smart speakers can also set timers, read the latest news headlines, list upcoming appointments, and so much more making them very useful for those with Parkinson’s.

3. Cleaning Service

If your loved one or friend is still living relatively independently, we highly suggest this gift option. Cleaning can often be painful and quickly cause fatigue for those with Parkinson’s so gifting them cleaning services will be greatly appreciated.

If you don’t want to pay for a cleaning service, offer to go in and clean for them once a month. They will likely appreciate both the gesture and the company!

4. Heated Blanket

People who have Parkinson’s are normally more sensitive to cold temperatures so a heated blanket is a great gift choice. We are big fans of this gift idea because it can benefit almost anyone with the disease no matter what their interests are. We highly suggest choosing a blanket like this one that has automatic shutoff and heat adjustment options.

5. Streaming Subscription

Although many people have streaming services, a lot of others (especially seniors) do not and if your loved one or friend is a movie buff or huge TV fan, we cannot suggest this gift enough.

Whether it is Netflix (suggested for movie fans), Hulu (suggested for TV hounds), or something more specialized, they will appreciate the entertainment.

TV and movies can offer a relaxing distraction when pain flares up and they will love being able to watch whatever they want, whenever they want!

6. Make Them Their Favorite Meal and Deliver it to Their Door

This gift idea is both cost-effective and extremely thoughtful. Parkinson’s can bring about loss of appetite and having a favorite dish that is easy to heat up on hand can make eating more enjoyable – even when it is one of the last things you want to do.

Whip up their favorite meal (make a few days worth of food if you can) and deliver it to their door with a handwritten note telling you how much you care about them. This gesture could be exactly the remedy needed to turn a tough day around.

Note: If your loved one is currently in an assisted care center and you are unsure if they are allowed to receive homemade food deliveries, call and ask what the policy is. You can always send a care package with their favorite pre-packaged snacks instead!

7. Electric Back or Foot Massager

Although a professional massage is a fantastic gift idea for when things are normal, we need to make sure we are taking steps to protect everyone’s health so an at-home back or foot massager is the next best thing.

Those with Parkinson’s will appreciate the muscle relaxation that these devices offer and can hit those aches and pains on-demand in the safety of their own home. You can even find massagers that have built-in heating elements for an even better experience.

There are manual back and foot massagers on the market but we suggest choosing an electric option as they will be much easier to use. Choose something like a massage chair pad or this hands-free foot massage machine.

8. Make a Donation to the Parkinson’s Foundation

Donating to the Parkinson’s Foundation in their name can be combined with any of the gifts above but is a meaningful gift all on its own. It only takes about 5 minutes and your money goes towards critical Parkinson’s research for new treatments and improved care for those living with the condition. Click here to go to the Tribute Donation page of their website.

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