Senior Behavioral Health Hospital

Dear Catholic Care Center Family, Friends, and Guest,

We have just launched an exciting new project at Catholic Care Center, we have begun work on a new Senior Behavioral Health Hospital that is scheduled to open at Catholic Care Center in June 2023. This new hospital will allow us to serve seniors experiencing the effects of Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s disease, and other neurological issues with the same compassion, dignity, and faith-centered approach that Catholic Care Center has been known for over the past 30 years.

Follow along with our weekly updates below. 

Weekly Update #1 - June 28th

After only two full weeks of work, the project to add the senior behavioral health hospital and reimagine Meadows, our long-term care memory care, is in full swing. Much of the first week was dedicated to creating a functional jobsite which meant erecting a fence around the perimeter of the area to secure it, and bringing in the construction office trailer to serve as the command post of the project.

Next the teams are focusing on demolition of the existing interior structure. The new hospital and Meadows neighborhood will both feature private resident/patient rooms and so the sheetrock and framing that created the current semi-private rooms has to be removed. Without the walls and framing, you can begin to view the area as a blank slate that will lend itself well to the new design. In the meantime, the areas that have not been removed are being repurposed. What once was a nurses’ station is now a meeting place for contractors, and the large open counters of the kitchen make a great place for workers to review their blueprints.

While still in the very preliminary stages of the project, the progress is still very exciting to see as we eagerly anticipate this next chapter for Catholic Care Center.


Weekly Update #2 - July 6th

If you visit Catholic Care Center this week you may hear a few loud noises, no this not the sound of leftover fireworks being enjoyed, but rather the sound of the concrete subfloor being hammered out to allow access to the plumbing systems that lies beneath the floor. When the new Senior Behavioral Health Hospital opens it will feature 20 private rooms, all with private showers. The area where the hospital is being constructed previously held 36 rooms, a combination of both private and semi-private accommodations so the water lines, drains, and other parts of the plumbing system must be moved to fit the new room configuration.

The crew is sledgehammering the concrete and stacking it out of the way outside. Once the plumbing is uncovered, the plumbers can get to work reworking the system. Work continues also on the demolition of the existing walls and ceiling. With temperatures this week soaring to over 100 degrees, the team seems to be enjoying that the majority of the work for this project is happening inside the air conditioned building and not outside.

Weekly Update #3 - July 19th

Work continues on the demolition of the existing space in what will become the Senior Behavioral Health Hospital and the new Meadows residence. The crew is tearing down and removing the original sheetrock and framing materials to allow the areas to be reconfigured. They are continuing to cut out the concrete floor and move the plumbing system to accommodate the new room layout. Next week when this is finished, new concrete will be poured to fill in the floor. They are also preparing to begin the dirt work on the northwest side of the building to allow the connecting corridor to be completed. The corridor will allow food service to access the secured area of the hospital.

The space is nearly stripped down to the studs and it’s exciting to see this blank space that will soon be home to the next chapter of Catholic Care Center.

Weekly Update #4 - July 26th

This week’s project progress has been focused largely on the site work to allow the connecting corridor to be constructed that will allow foodservice and other shared services to enter the hospital from the main building via a secured portal. A few trees had to be removed and the ground is in the process of being leveled so the foundation can be poured. While the concrete truck is on site they will also pour the patches to the foundation in the hospital where the floor was cut to allow the plumbing to be relocated.

Up until now most of the work has been demolition so it is exciting to see the first steps towards construction and the creation of the new hospital. Soon the new framing will begin and then it will really start to take shape. While the facility is under construction, the team working hard to create the program that will be Catholic Care Center Senior Behavioral Health.

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